Omar Al-Mukhtar University

Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Objectives




 Omar Mukhtar University aspires to be the leader in providing outstanding education and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and teaching them, development, production and rehabilitation of human resources, in line with the overall quality standards of local and global, and consistent with the objectives of sustainable development and the needs of the local community.



The adoption of a comprehensive strategic plan for educational programs and scientific research, according to the comprehensive quality standards in education, to contribute to building human cadres, and provide production cybernetic meets the aspirations of the university, and serves the requirements of the labor market and local institutions and live up to compete at the regional and global levels.



1. Contribute to give knowledge and developed and produced , in various Arts and Sciences .
2. Preparation of cadres specialized and skilled and capable of serving the community and supporting the development requirements . 
3. Provide a research environment to meet the distinct needs of the community . 
4. Technology transfer and indigenization of the contribution in providing consulting, and scientific insights regarding local issues . 
5. Keep pace with global developments in the affairs of education and scientific research , the development of educational programs and distinct colleges in various disciplines. 
6. Support cooperation with universities and research centers at the local level , regional and international .